Dredgen Yor

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A guardian renowned for his fall into Darkness, for wielding the Exotic hand cannon and weapon of sorrow, Thorn, and for the various murders he committed, including that of Jaren Ward.

Before succumbing to the temptations of the Darkness this guardian was a noble man, beloved by the people and celebrated as a beacon of hope against the forces that would destroy mankind.1

His name during this period has been redacted, leading to discussion over Yor's former identity.

Over time his fears and his pride led him to want more. Whispers from the Darkness slowly grew into a voice, seducing him with promises of power and glory.

He abandoned his old persona, adopting the name "Dredgen Yor", which in an old language means "The Eternal Abyss",2 and turning away from the Light.

Yor is described as having taken Pahanin's Light, which implies that he murdered Pahanin.3

At some point Yor visited the town of Palamon, where he first encountered Shin Malphur. He left the town in ruins.

Malphur's mentor, confronted Dredgen Yor and was killed by Yor's Thorn.4

Dredgen Yor was finally killed years later by Shin Malphur.5