— A Guardian, once the Warlock Vanguard, whose divisive beliefs led him to leave the City in exile.


Osiris fought alongside the Titans at the Battle of Six Fronts after which Saint-14 recommended that Osiris be appointed as Vanguard Commander.

While Vanguard, Osiris grew tired of his role and began to question the motives of the Traveler.1 He became fascinated by the nature of the Darkness, and he pursued a number of controversial avenues to further his understanding, including Ahamkara-lore and thanatonautics. He was especially interested in understanding Oryx and the Vex.

Osiris quickly became a popular figure to those Guardians that had grown weary of dutifully carrying out the orders of the Vanguard. His questioning of the Traveler was considered disloyal, and the sway that he held over Guardians was considered dangerous.1

He left the City in exile, although whether this was by his own accord or by the will of the Consensus is not clear.1

A charismatic leader, Osiris left behind a number of adherents who remain loyal to him.2 His study of the Vex led him to set up a number of camps across Mercury, the best known of which is The Lighthouse.

After the release of Skolas, two Guardians visited the Queen of the Reef, and asked for aid in defeating Oryx. It is believed that these Guardians were Eris Morn and Osiris, but this has not been confirmed.3

One of Osiris' disciples, Brother Vance, is stationed in the Vestian Outpost in the Reef, and grants Guardians passage to the Trials of Osiris, a tournament that pits two teams of three Guardians against each other in a fight to the death.4 A flawless victory in the Trials grants an invitation to The Lighthouse.

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