Book: Eva's Journey

Chronological On the timeline Featured
— The story of Eva Levante's journey during the Red War.

Eva was with Tess Everis when the Cabal attacked the Tower, but they became separated and Eva found herself in a room with about thirty other civilians. They were rescued by Lord Shaxx, who recruited Eva to assist in corralling the civilians to Hawk planes to escape.1

When the Cabal succeeded in blocking the Traveler’s Light, Eva had barred herself and an unknown number of civilians in an abandoned bakery. Despite some protest, Eva insisted on helping four wounded Guardians they had found, and when Zavala announced that the City had fallen, Eva decided to lead her group toward Twilight Gap.2

Eva’s experience living in the Tower, and her exposure to Guardian conversations, gave her insight into Cabal strategy, and she discerned patterns in the Cabal patrols. She was able to successfully maneuver civilians toward the outskirts of the City, and spent the Red War running an underground movement to transport civilians and Lightless Guardians to the Farm.3 At the end of the War, she spent a lot of time at the Farm, helping the Guardians that trickled in and contemplating the shard of the Traveler.4 Though she thought she would never go to the new Tower, when Tess told her that the frames were planning on celebrating The Dawning without her, she returned.5

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