The Timeline aims to organise significant events into different eras.

Ancient Past

The birth of the Hive

The Books of Sorrow describe the rise of Oryx, and the creation of the Hive.

Pre-Golden Age

The Whirlwind

An event causes the destruction of the Eliksni civilization.

First contact with the Traveler

The crew of Ares One make first contact with the Traveler

Golden Age

The Traveler ignites the Golden Age

"Human lifespan tripled. It was a time of miracles."

– The Speaker

The Collapse

The Warminds try to hold back the Darkness

Most of the Warminds are destroyed in the process.

Rasputin enters hibernation

Rasputin disappears, defeated but not destroyed by the Darkness.

The Dark Age

Humanity enters a dark age

The last survivors of humanity live in small towns hidden from the invaders, or in the ruins of Golden Age cities.

Many wander the land, hoping for some truth in the rumour that there is a last refuge beneath the Traveler.

The City Age

The Battle of Six Fronts

The first battle in the history of the City, leading to the raising of the walls.

The Great Ahamkara hunt

The Ahamkara are wiped out under orders from the City.

The Reef Wars begin

Queen Mara Sov ambushes the Fallen House of Wolves on their way to the Battle of Twilight Gap, leading to the start of the Reef Wars.

See also The Maraid.

The Battle of Twilight Gap

The Fallen houses of Kings, Devils and Winter unite, leading to the second great battle in the history of the City.

The Fallen are defeated, but at great cost to the Vanguard.

The Reef Wars end

The Awoken are victorious. Variks the Loyal declares Queen Mara Sov to be the new Kell of Wolves.

Crota slaughters Guardians at Mare Imbrium

The first Crota fireteam

Eriana-3 and Eris Morn form a fireteam to kill Crota. They are unsuccessful.


The Hive make renewed attempts to attack Old Russia

Rasputin awakes from hibernation

The reactivation of a Golden Age communications array causes Rasputin to make his existence known, seizing control of the array and of Warsats throughout the system.

Draksis, Kell of Winter, is killed

The Ishtar archives are brought back online

The Heart of the Black Garden is destroyed

The Dark Below

Eris Morn returns from the Moon

After many cycles spent hiding in the Hellmouth, Eris Morn returns with warnings of the return of Crota, and a plan that would allow others to succeed where her fireteam failed.

Rise of Crota

Eris asks Guardians to defeat the 'Fist of Crota', fearing that the Fist will summon Crota from his netherworld to Earth.

Omnigul, the Will of Crota, infiltrates Rasputin's vault in the Cosmodrome

Hive Wizards are prevented from waking the Soul of Crota

Skolas is given to the Nine

The Queen's Crows enter the Cauldron of Rhea, upsetting the Nine. The Queen gives them Skolas as a gift.

House of Wolves

The Nine release Skolas

Skolas unites House Winter under his banner

He calls himself "Kell of Kells".

Skolas sends barons to negotiate with the House of Kings

Wolves break into the Vault of Glass

In a desperate attempt to utilize Vex technology, the Wolves break into the Vault of Glass.

Skolas is captured

The uprising of the House of Wolves is ended, and the Prison of Elders is opened to Guardians.

The Taken King

Oryx arrives in the Solar System

Reef scouts are the first to become aware of the Dreadnaught's presence orbiting Saturn.