The Final Shape

Season of the Wish

Season of the Witch

Season of the Deep


Season of the Seraph

Season of Plunder

Season of the Haunted

The Witch Queen

Season of the Lost

Season of the Splicer

Season of the Chosen

Beyond Light

Season of Arrivals

Season of the Worthy

Season of Dawn


Season of Opulence

Season of the Drifter

Season of the Forge


The Awoken of the Reef

The Awoken's return to Sol, where Queen Mara Sov's plans and the Awoken's history up to and after the Battle of Saturn are documented.

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The Dreaming City

The creation of the Dreaming City and Eleusinia, as well as the stories of the Awoken in and around the Dreaming City.

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A Drifter's Gambit

The Drifter's journey from past the Reef to the new Tower, as told by a Renegade.

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Eva's Journey

The story of Eva Levante's journey during the Red War.

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The Forsaken Prince

Uldren Sov's history, from his discovery of the Black Garden to his madness and imprisonment in the Prison of Elders.

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Ghost Stories

A collection of stories told by Ghosts — some who have found their Guardian, and some who have not.

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The Lawless Frontier

The tales of each of the Scorned Barons and the Tangled Shore itself.

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The Man They Call Cayde

A collection of Cayde's memoirs over his time as a Guardian.

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The Marasenna catalogs the creation of the Awoken, including the creation of the Distributary and the Awoken's history until some left for Sol under the command of Mara Sov.

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Most Loyal

The story of Variks and the Prison of Elders, from the beginning of the Red War to the mass prison break and the escape of the Barons.

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Wall of Wishes

Riven's fifteen wishes, granted by the Wall of Wishes.

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The Taken King

House of Wolves