Dr. Shirazi

— A scientist employed by the Clovis Bray organisation, tasked with carrying out an experiment with the goal of creating more resilient colonists.

During the Transmission Crisis, Berriole, a member of the Owl Sector team, was sent to the Dust Palace on Mars to retrieve logs from the Clovis Bray facility. Many of those logs outline an experiment carried out by Shirazi at the behest of Willa Bray of the Clovis Bray organisation.

The experiment consisted of 5 participants, each injected with a different ‘transmission’.

  • Patient A (Susan) was injected with Magnificence 2.0. Her disposition was happy, but following the injection she began to hear a low buzzing sound, and to see blue particles floating around her head. Over time, Shirazi also came to see the floating particle. Susan started floating. When told that transmission was lethal she is described as being ‘resigned’.
  • Patient B (unknown male) was injected with Brilliance 3.2. Shortly after injection, he fell into a coma but remained alive with stable vitals. Green particles began accumulating on his lips and nostrils. Sometime later, Patient B abruptly woke up from the coma, and immediately began singing and dancing. Eventually, his room falls silent and he is found dead.
  • Patient C (Kit) was injected with Splendor 2.6 (we presume). Her performance increased dramatically. She was incredibly motivated and insisted on taking the strength and intelligence tests three times a day. As her symptoms developed she became incredibly motivated to the point of aggression, breaking lab equipment and wanting to fight. When told that the transmission was lethal she responded by asking “How could you do this to us?”
  • Patient D (Yaris) was injected with Fortitude 3.1. He was a Clovis Bray employee who volunteered to support his family. Yaris voice degrades in volume over time. Eventually, he is completely unable to speak.
  • Patient E (Jun) was injected with Glory 2.1. He was initially uncooperative, and said that he was only taking part in the experiment because of his debt to Clovis Bray. He was skeptical of Clovis Bray’s motives and criticised Shirazi for the unethical design of the experiment. His health remained good despite white particles appearing around his head.

While Dr. Shirazi was positive at the start of the experiment, as the patients’ symptoms began to manifest she began to show some uncertainty in the nature of the experiment. She began breaking protocol by referring to patients by their names. After the death of Patient B, Shirazi decided to read through Willa Bray’s notes on the previous experiments and learned that data was being suppressed, and that there were notes that she did not have access to.

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