Ego and Squid

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  • Ego and Squid

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  • Pahanin was a Hunter, satirist, travel-writer, and renowned cephalopod enthusiast.
  • Pahanin was a Hunter, satirist, travel writer, and renowned cephalopod enthusiast.


  • Why “Ego and Squid”? Chiefly because puns annoy Kabr, and I enjoy annoying Kabr.
  • You know, the pun is an underrated art form. Historically speaking—
  • Oh. You mean, why squids? What's my “thing” with squids?
  • Why, because cephalopods are the most perfect organisms ever to evolve in this solar system!
  • Have you ever heard a cephalopod sneer dismissively at a clever pun?
  • No, you have not!
  • I rest my case!