IV. To Forgive or Forget

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  • IV. To Forgive or Forget


  • "Niik tells me you have a question in need of an answer," Mithrax begins. "Please, sit."
  • Amanda nods as she pulls up a folding chair next to the fire. She hadn't been back to the Eliksni Quarter since the Vex invasion. The light from the flames casts flickering shadows across the building's cracked concrete and exposed rebar.
  • "Yeah," Amanda says quietly, "I, uh… it's about Saint. Sort of."
  • She takes a deep breath before continuing. "Everyone in the Last City knows the stories. Hell, we used to call him 'Kellbreaker.' And Cr—" she stammers, avoiding the name. "I've heard what your people used to call him too."
  • Mithrax hums a gruff assent as he settles into his own chair. Amanda wrings her hands together.
  • "How did you all forgive him?" Her voice sounds small, but her words pierce the cool night air.
  • "Not all of us did," Mithrax replies solemnly. "To this day, there are some in House Light who avoid him. Those who lost loved ones to his rage. Though he would give his life to protect them, nothing he can do will ever erase their pain."
  • "So, they'll just… go on hating him? Forever?"
  • Mithrax exhales deeply into his rebreather. "One cannot choose who forgives them and who does not," he answers. "That is the decision of those who were wronged. A choice each must make for themselves."
  • Amanda nods to herself. "Was afraid you'd say something like that," she remarks sadly.
  • As she gets up to leave, she turns to Mithrax one last time.
  • "What made you forgive Saint?"
  • The Kell of Light leans back in his chair and stares into the fire like he is looking for something amid the ashes.
  • "Because," he says quietly, "I want to be forgiven too."