Legacy: Bound in Sorrow

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From 2022.06.28 (Season of the Haunted) to 2022.08.23 (Season of Plunder)


  • Bound in Sorrow
  • Legacy: Bound in Sorrow

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  • Eris will contact you through the Crown of Sorrow once there has been a development. She encourages you to continue exploring the Derelict Leviathan and contain its Nightmares.
  • This quest will progress at the next weekly reset.

Flavor text

  • It is a victory in name only. Though the Leviathan has stopped siphoning Nightmares from the Moon, there is no sign of any change within it or the Pyramid. Eris fears that she misjudged Calus's plans and suspects that there may yet be more to come. But until Calus plays his hand… we are all left to wait, and wonder.