Mnemonic Engram

Showing the history of Mnemonic Engram across 10 versions
From 2018.05.08 (Warmind) to 2020.06.09 (Season of Arrivals)


  • Prototype Engram
  • Mnemonic Engram

Image URL

  • /common/destiny2_content/icons/0cda39364c6b87fbff117f37a1e36ada.png
  • /common/destiny2_content/icons/3b1b9b0aff5350e7cf399fad7b7c553a.png


  • A vibrant engram containing many different Season 3 customization options—including ornaments for Exotics found in Warmind. Return it to Tess to reveal its contents.
  • An engram containing different ornaments, emotes, and accessories from previous Destiny 2 releases.