— One of the first known Guardians to enter the Vault of Glass.

Praedyth was a member of a fireteam that also included Guardians Kabr and Pahanin.1 Together, they participated in The Great Ahamkara Hunt.2

The fireteam also ventured into the Vault of Glass.3 Praedyth became trapped in the Vault and almost all records of his existence were erased.45

Praedyth attempted to radio for help several times.6 Shortly after Oryx’s arrival in the solar system, the Vex began allowing some of Praedyth’s transmissions to be heard outside of the Vault of Glass.3 Following these transmissions, the Guardian entered the Vault to discover that it had been overrun with Taken. In an attempt to find Praedyth, the Guardian ventured deep into the Vault, killing the Blighted Mind and clearing the area of Taken. After the Vault was cleared, the Guardian traced Praedyth’s signal and discovered his skeleton, along with his dead Ghost.3

Despite the death of his physical body, Praedyth was still alive within the Vault.6 While in the Vault, Praedyth attempted to try and understand the motives of the Vex.67 He kept notes regarding the Black Garden’s structure and the Vex within it.8 He also recorded the many timelines he saw within the Vault.1

In one timeline, Praedyth saw what he believed to be the Darkness wearing “a Fallen Captain like he was a suit.”9 Over time, as Praedyth began to have visions of more timelines, he discovered that many were being lost to a coming darkness.10 Praedyth desired to escape the Vault of Glass so that he could warn the City of what he had seen; he also wanted to be free of the Vex.610

Additionally, he encountered the Exo Stranger numerous times within the Vault, stating that he saw her in every timeline.11 It is suggested that Praedyth may have been the one to build the No Time To Explain, basing the design on the Stranger’s rifle.12

At some point, Praedyth was contacted by several “two-two-seven groups,” copies of the Ishtar Collective research team who were sent into the Vex network to explore.13 After communicating with Praedyth, teams began arriving in the Vault to assist him in making a device that would allow them to leave the network.1014 Following the awakening of the Undying Mind, Praedyth and one hundred eighty-three copies of the Ishtar team attempted to escape “beyond the network to physical reality.” 1015

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