Arrow of Time

We must continue to move forward, even if it means aiming backward.

"I've seen through time. To say I understand its intricate machinations would be folly. It's too complex and incomprehensible to be taken as a whole. Its eternal vastness has nearly unhinged my mind.

"There are moments, though—fixed positions—where I've seen the impact we have made. The outcome is not as stochastic as we think. The cause, the effect, and the triumph of our continued sacrifices becomes more evident with each passing day. We are making a difference.

"The threat from the Darkness is substantive. I've witnessed too much to be swayed against that irrefutable truth. The deniers will one day have nothing left to deny. The collision course is set.

"For now, press on. Be unrelenting. I already know you will be."


A Matter of Distrust

Category: Osiris

A Shadow's Worth