Batteries Not Included

What follows are simple things. Use each as needed. Use each as you will.

These are not your strength, but may they bolster your might when the weight of expectation falls down upon thee.

When the wars rage around you, find your peace.
The Light is not of you, and you are not of the Light, and yet you are one.
Give of yourself, and you will find all that you fear is missing.
You are a hammer. You are a shield. Know the difference. Know yourself.
Trust is a weapon. Handle with care.
The burden is not yours alone, no matter the burden.
Should Darkness call, answer true, and it will shrink from the Light.
Wear your confidence with pride, but know it is a tool, not a weapon.
Be mindful of the joy found in victory—it is earned but should never be the aim.
For all you will see, all you discover—never lose the gift of curiosity.
The Darkness would bend you to its will, but the Light bends to yours.
Failure is an opportunity to learn.
If the bones talk, do not listen.
I am your guide and your friend, your ally and your tool. Use me.
I will never leave you, but should I fall, remain vigilant, remain true.

This isn't the whole of my life advice, but it's something. We'll add more as we go along.

—An unknown Ghost's life advice for an unknown Guardian

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