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  • Where does one end and the other begin?


  • [Report by VanNet encrypted router]
  • All was quiet in the Gulch, save for the occasional chirp of birds and the gentle trickle of the river. It might've been peaceful, Chalco Yong thought as she crept along the bank, if it wasn't so damn eerie. Where were the Cabal and their noisome injection rigs? Where were the thundering Pike gangs? Evidently taking the day off, just when it was most inconvenient.
  • My friend and first, I know Her Royal Tuskiness is not my assignment, but I couldn't help but catch the following exchange on my latest trip to you-know-where. If anything, it's good for a laugh. Don't let our favorite Praxic wear you down to a nub . If she gives you grief, you give her a swift kick from me. —C.Y.
  • The Hidden agent crouched, running her hand over the smooth stones cluttering the shore. She was hoping to have good news for her next report. Ikora looked so tired at their last check-in.
  • [Attached transcript.]
  • No wonder. Even before the Pyramids arrived, it felt like their enemies were multiplying at the same rate their allies were decreasing. Now, with four celestial bodies stolen out of the sky, that trend seemed to be accelerating.
  • RECORD: 30.10.15.C.Y.Report
  • IDENTITIES: Advisor Taurun [A.T.], Empress Caiatl [E.C.], The Spider [T.S.]
  • And here she was, following a tenuous lead on the whereabouts of the infamous Light Kell into a dead zone.
  • [A.T.] The connection is made. Let the imperial record show that, on this day, the great Empress Caiatl, ascendant of Calus, slayer of Umun'arath, convened via radio message with the Spider of the Tangled Shore, formerly of the House of—
  • She briefly considered turning her radio on and checking in, but then she saw it: the ideal skipping stone, palm shaped and perfectly worn. She picked it up, and with a well-timed flick, sent it spinning across the water. The mirror image of blue sky and pine tree tops rippled once, twice, six times before gravity outweighed momentum, pulling the stone beneath the surface.
  • [E.C.] Enough, Taurun. The scribes can add whatever flourishes they wish after the fact.
  • Suddenly, a frenetic rustling broke out all around her. The trees quivered as hundreds of birds burst forth, shrieking in alarm as they circled in the sky. Chalco whipped around, rifle at the ready, but there was no one. She slowed her breathing, ears open for the telltale whine of speeding Pikes.
  • [T.S.] Yes, let's not waste time. I know you have more important matters to attend to. Matters that I would be happy to help with… in my own small way.
  • The wispy hairs on the back of her neck stood at attention as the air crackled with electricity. A great rumbling threw Chalco off her feet. She rolled as she hit the ground. The second shockwave arrived while she was facedown—a louder and more definitive thud that caused the rocks to jump up and fall back down with a clatter.
  • [E.C.] I would no sooner seek aid from you than a war beast would from a bog-tick . Do you know how many thieves I've had to excise from my ranks? They debased themselves. Crawling about our proving grounds. Refashioning battle-trash into weapons. All because you tempted them with a flash of Glimmer.
  • Silence returned. When she lifted her head, all seemed as it had moments ago…
  • [T.S.] Ha! Me? Tempt them? It's all I can do to keep them from flooding the market .
  • …except for the once-clear sky, now streaked with aurorae of many colors.
  • [E.C.] This is not my first time dealing with war profiteers, insect. Though, if I squash you thoroughly enough, it may be my last.
  • Chalco leapt up and ran for the ravine wall. She scaled it, then the nearest pine in a matter of seconds. A risky move considering the possibility of aftershock, but she needed height.
  • [T.S.] And here I thought I was doing you a charity, promoting Cabal entrepreneurship. I was told the empire was low on funds.
  • It wasn't until she reached the wavery top branches that she saw it. Cresting over the tree line was the Shard of the Traveler, bleeding polychrome rays. Chalco turned her gaze up, following the arc into the stratosphere. What was happening?
  • [E.C.] Is that so?
  • Keeping her eyes fixed on the sky, she flipped on her radio. Immediately, Eris Morn's voice echoed over the Vanguard's public frequency: "This will not be the end. It will be an escalation."
  • [T.S.] Your Majesty, I don't know what advice you've been getting from your imperial hangers-on, but—
  • A flash, piercing in its brilliance, lit up the southeastern sky. Chalco braced herself against the tree, squeezing her eyes shut. When she opened them, the sky had returned to clear blue and the Shard had returned to its dim, jagged state.
  • [A.T.] How dare you—
  • [E.C.] Quiet.
  • [T.S.] But things are different here in the Sol system. Smash and conquer—like so many traditions of old Torobatl—won't get you far. Ghaul found that out the hard way. The remnants of his Red Legion have learned to adapt.
  • [T.S.] Let me know if you'd like to do the same. I'd even go against my own custom and consider a payment plan.
  • [E.C.] How generous. But it seems I have no need. As you've revealed, I have untapped resources at my disposal.
  • [T.S.] Whichever ones have survived your purge, yes. But weapons are not my most valuable wares, not by a long shot. If you're anything like your father, you'll be far more interested in the information I have to offer.
  • [E.C.] Send your coordinates. We can discuss face-to-face. But tread lightly. I've yet to decide whether you're worth my mercy.
  • [T.S.] Oh, I'm honored to host Her Imperial Highness on my humble Shore. It's no palatial estate, but we insects are just happy to have a place to call home.
  • [End transmission.]
  • "Huh," she said aloud to no one.