Conditional Finality

You will dream of me… I will never leave you…

The sound that escaped me resembled a roar.

A psychic echo.

It soared through the air and pierced every corner of my ship.

Anger coursed through me as I toppled the ground in a heap.

I wheezed with each breath and clutched at my chest.

I watched that witch saunter out…

Like she'd won.

My ship rumbled as she wrested her primordial prize from it.

I felt hatred—

Deep, unchallenged hatred.

My claws punctured the floor, etched new patterns into it.

I dragged myself forward.

Whispers danced around me, trillions of voices melded together in my favorite symphony.

I had always welcomed death, and this time would be no different.

An agonizing sensation shot through me.

It was as if an arrow had bored its way through my chest.

It burned, and I collapsed among the rubble.

A green hue enveloped me.

I was unfamiliar with this—her magic festering within me. Shackling me.

My body twisted.

My breaths grew thin.

My limbs became heavy.


No… she could not hold me. I would not allow it.

This would not be my end.

"My Witness," I whispered as the void I once commanded claimed me.