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Watch your step.

The Fallen scout skittered down into a newly formed crevice on the surface of Nessus, catching the rock face with his claws as he descended. New tunnels and cave systems had emerged in the wake of the anomaly's impact on the planet, and at Baron Kalliks's command, those caves had to be mapped and explored.

The task fell to a Dreg.

He scrambled down smooth tunnels and flung himself between floating outcroppings of rock, catching the stone and skidding to a halt above a yawning chasm. The deeper he descended, the more angular the stone became. Soon, he discovered a large open chamber swarming with Vex. The Dreg flattened himself against the side of the cavern and watched.

A Minotaur, a dozen Harpies, and a handful of Goblins all worked together. The Minotaur raised its hand, and a coil of light sprung up between its mechanical fingers. He knew of the Vex's terraforming. He had never seen it firsthand. It frightened and awed him. The Vex raised large platforms and pillars of stone, materializing great discs of metal and lighting portals in white light. Crafting their world from the core of the planet.

A series of staggered platforms materialized before the Dreg, angular and finely cut. Cautiously, the Dreg stepped onto one, hiding behind one of the newly made blocks of stone as he watched the Vex more closely.

Remembering his mission, the Dreg turned and planted a beacon into a seam in the stone at his feet. The seam cracked, loosening a section of rock; the beacon clattered down a long drop into nothingness, hitting the sides of the cave as it fell.

The Vex stopped. Slowly, one by one, they turned to face the source of the noise.

The platform dissolved beneath the Dreg's feet in a shimmer of white and latticed light. Shrieking, he leapt from the platform and scrambled for the cavern wall. The stone shuddered open behind him, sliding away, and he fell backwards into the newly formed gap.

The Minotaur gestured again, and the Dreg scrambled to his feet just as the stone slab closed hard around him.