Cyrtarachne's Facade

The perfect disguise.

Dumpster diving wasn't the classiest of hobbies, but it gave her insight she couldn't get anywhere else. At least, that's what she reminded her Ghost as the two scoured the alleyways of Neomuna.

The helmet had a lovely heft in her hands as she pulled it from a pile of expired tech and half-melted Vex. This was a rare find. Turns out people who live in a highly advanced virtual society also have an almost perfect waste disposal system. Almost.

As she examined her prize, she spied something poking out from inside. She retrieved five yellowed sheets of actual paper, covered in barely legible writing:

Expedition #17: Thalassa. Unsatisfied with excursions on Neptune, I've begun to take my trips a bit further to its surrounding moons—

Boring, she skipped ahead.

—appears to be a conglomeration of space junk long fused together. Deep blue, green, and yellow hues ripple across amalgamate hills—

Too many big words.

—I do not appear to be its first visitor—

She continued to skim.

—ship wreckage—

—old pieces of armor, coloring unlike anything I've ever seen—

—not made for a Human—

Huh. The helm sure looked like it would fit.

—large creatures, MANY legs—

Her eyes widened. Finally, it was getting good. She turned the page over… nothing. Blank.

With a scoff, she crumpled up the papers, tossed them over her shoulder, and stalked off with the helmet.

Expedition Log #17:

Neptune's Second Closest Satellite, Thalassa: Neptune's wilderness proved unsatisfying, so I've begun to take trips further out to surrounding moons. Equipment detected several chemical signatures; samples should be plentiful. If readings are accurate, collected resources will help Neomuna greatly.

Touchdown Evaluation: Initial readings detect nominal quantities of phosphates and bountiful networks of framework silicates. Networks are jutting out from nearby caverns and visible to the naked eye.

I cite novice oil painting skills to describe the networks' hues as such: deep blue, green, and yellow. [NOTE: cross-reference hue interpretation with paint tubes].

I cite minimal creative writing knowledge to describe the landscape: the hues ripple across amalgamate hills that roll as far as the eye can see.

Initial Exploration: Came upon a shipwreck, very old, parts burnt out beyond recognition. Found items in nearby area:

- 1 armored glove: unusable, built for three digits, one of which appears opposable

- 2 armored shin guards: simple design, both cracked

- 1 helmet: visor intact

Observations: The armor is painted. Markings unrecognizable but appear intentional.

Hazard[!]: Fauna observed at nearest cavern—large creatures, MANY legs, pincers. Having no experience in zoology, I conclude: probably unfriendly. Discovered the unique pattern on the found helmet matches the coloring of the creatures. n attempted disguise?

Sample Collected: framework silicate, 2.2 kilos.

Continued Observation: Creatures are unfriendly. Attempted to collect more samples, unknowingly encroached on territory.

Theory: Helmet was indeed an attempted disguise, perhaps I will utilize it as well.

[End documentation]