Epochal Integration

"It is a wonder that we are still here. Keep it that way." —Osiris

The Ishtar Collective's researchers knew no bounds: amidst a sea of their data, I found schematics for a weapon using the Veil's paracausal field as supplemental power. However, it appears the weapon project was abandoned early. I hoped I could finish what they started, and so I share the fruits of my labor with you, Guardian.

Fusing Golden Age designs with modern necessity involved considerable guesswork, made worse by the lack of an extant prototype. I took liberties with the original schematic, choosing what to preserve, what to discard, and how to harmonize elements separated by centuries.

The first fabricated pieces clicked into place, and abstraction became reality. But it was not what I envisioned. Too cold, impersonal, and utilitarian.

I confess, I was sorely tempted to discard everything and start over. Yet I knew if I gave in to that familiar impulse, the hours would slip into days, and the days into months, while I strained for the vanishing limit of perfection in vain.

In the end, I asked Saint if he could suggest the finishing touches. Engraving a pattern into the steel was his idea. I took his word for it; aesthetic flourishes are not a strength of mine.

The result is this weapon: a synthesis of disparate elements into an unexpected shape. I am eager to see what you add to it, Guardian.


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