First Ascent Hood

Choose what you will become next.

Light forgets, Darkness remembers.

Once, a Ghost was heard to speak thusly.

This one is Luzaku. Here, this one tells what is known of Sky.

Sky is the breath taken between actions. It permits speculation. It invites doubt. It slips from sight and grasp, and yet persists.

This one's Ghost would have us yield to certainty. He wishes us to walk the Bladed Path, to seek Hive-strength in the Witch Queen's abandoned logic, whereby all things prove themselves in slaughter.

This one turns from simple inevitability. This one makes a choice: this one does not kill and does not die. Yet this one exists. Aiat. What follows? What other choices are to be made?

This one must know.

This one hides within a blade-ship of the Witch Queen's great foe. This one's Ghost is angry now, but he remains. In the hollows where a worm once coiled, this one senses our swift motion through the firmament, toward a center.

This one seeks Sky. In the Sky, there are many paths.

In the Sky, there is change.

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