III. Searching

Ada-1 tapped her foot impatiently while standing in the Cryptarium. "So, can you do it?"

Rahool looked up lazily from his datapad and scowled. "What a ridiculous question. Of course I can. It's a question of when I'll have the time."

Ada's head tilted down. "I didn't realize we were indulging in semantics."

Rahool's response was arid as he tapped away on the device. "There is no greater pleasure."

"Very well. When do you think you will have the time?"

"Hmm…" Rahool placed a hand on his chin. "The influx of data from Europa is significant, on top of the routine Guardian armament support. Not to mention the open-ended nature of your query…"

The Cryptarch's eyes flitted as he thought through the problem.

"A conservative guess would be two to three weeks."

Ada groaned. "That's absurd. I can't sit around for that long."

"You misunderstand," Rahool replied. "I make no statements regarding what you should do with your time."

Ada gripped the Cryptarch's desk. "Fine, can I search for it myself?"

Rahool shook his head. "Access to the classified archives is limited to sanctioned Guardians, Tower support staff, or the Vanguard themselves. You are none of those things."

Ada scoffed. "Don't be ridiculous, I've seen that Drifter perusing this data on a weekly basis for his own amusement."

"That's not— there's no way—" Rahool stammered and blushed. "I assure you, no such breach has occurred."

Ada folded her arms as Rahool continued. "And even if it had, one crime doesn't excuse another."

Ada leaned forward assertively. "I guess you will be of no help then."

Rahool shrugged. "Not for two to three weeks, at the very least."

Ada grunted and stormed off through the Cryptarium's towering doors, their colorful display of cullet glass shining on her shoulders, when she heard Rahool loudly call out after her.

"What were the names again that you were querying against?" Rahool asked.

"Henriette Meyrin, Yuki Satou, and Helga Rasmussen."

Rahool's eyebrows lifted at the final name. "You may be in luck. It seems our interests have overlapped."

II. Lost

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IV. A Guiding Hand