Mikaela Julaha






MIKAELA JULAHA: Hey, baby. Oof!

AMMA J.: We saw you on the feed. You were amazing! Does your arm hurt?

MIKAELA J.: This thing? Nah, Doc says this one should grow back. Maybe a couple of days.

DR. SOFIA GUO: Closer to twenty-four hours, actually. Your abnormal nanite colony seems to coordinate repairs better every cycle.

S. GUO: And I asked Nurse Chakwas to not let anyone in here.

MIKAELA J.: After seven years, you still haven't figured out no nurse can keep this girl out of anything?

S. GUO: Well, nice as it is to see you, Amma, please wait in the lounge. I'd like to speak to your mother alone.

MIKAELA J.: I want her here for this.

S. GUO: You're sure?


S. GUO: Mikaela, there's a lot we still don't understand after the accident. Your nanite colony and the cultures we've taken are all going strong. Your CloudArk nodes are still doing whatever it is they do. Even your original assistive socket is pristine, and we should be swapping that every five years.


S. GUO: But this is all a lot of strain for your organic parts. The human body was never meant to heal this fast or push this hard—

AMMA J.: No…

S. GUO: There's extensive microscarring across your liver, heart, kidneys, spleen, and brain—

MIKAELA J.: The big five.

S. GUO: If I can figure out how to suppress your nanite colony long enough to operate, we can start replacing—

MIKAELA J.: Assume you can't.


S. GUO: Eight months. Maybe ten if we keep you off the front lines.

AMMA J.: Mom, no.

MIKAELA J.: Hey, you come here, little one.

AMMA J.: You can't die.

MIKAELA J.: Dying's just the part of life everyone does. It's boring. I should have died a long time ago. But I got just a few more years to watch you grow up, and love your daddy, and, honey, I got to save people.

AMMA J.: I need you.

MIKAELA J.: You don't need me. You got a better mama inside you made from all those good memories. That mama will always be there when you need her.

AMMA J.: Can I—

AMMA J.: Can I just stay with you here a little while?

MIKAELA J.: I don't want anything else in the whole world, Babygirl.

The Strider

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