No Heroes Here

Every inch of ground beyond the City walls is dangerous—safety not guaranteed—and of all the inches across every world in this dead and dying system, none are harder than every single inch of the Tangled Shore.

This is not simply untamed space. It's worse. It's outlaw territory, where the worst of a bad lot come to find their fortune, ply their trade, or run from their sins.

No one who has ever walked the Shore's broken stone has come back clean. Out here you've gotta break the rules just to get by. Oh, your moral compass? You better hope it's on the fritz, 'cuz doing the right thing will only get you killed. Unless you're strong enough to do it the wrong way.

So, walk tall—the locals can sense the meek. Stand firm—backing down will only see you trampled. And aim true—each miss could be your last. Otherwise, go home.

The Shore ain't no place for heroes, anyway.

These Bad Lands

Category: Book: The Lawless Frontier

The Lonely and the Dead