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NPA Repulsion Regulator

"Should be reliable, but if it stops working, you'll know almost immediately." —Deputy Commander Sloane






These Golden Age dive regulators allowed explorers of Kraken Mare to delve into the deepest reaches of the methane seas. By generating a weak atomic lattice and manipulating its van der Waals force distance values, these devices repulse the crushing methane ocean before it makes contact with the diver. Critical to constructing the foundations of Titan's rigs and arcologies, these lost pieces of technology were believed to be scattered across Titan due to moon-wide tidal waves during the Collapse.

As long as the device has ample time to equalize its repulsion drive with external pressure, a diver can safely descend several thousand meters with a relatively unrestrictive suit. Guardians should note, however, that this repulsive effect will in no way stop—or even slow—any lethal projectiles comprised of non-methane material. It also will not block non-methane oceans of other chemical makeup.

[Addendum: Several dive regulators have since been recovered with the return of Titan and detailed telemetry data provided by Deputy Commander Sloane. All fireteams executing dive and salvage operations are required to outfit themselves with NPA regulators. Due to the limited viscosity of Titan's methane ocean, Guardians will sink faster than they can swim. Regulators must be on and functioning prior to operational clearance. Typically fitted into an exoskeleton-style diving suit, these regulators require a series of custom adjustments to interface with modern Guardian armor systems. Ghosts can perform these adjustments by accessing the instructional attachment in this record.]