Paradrome Cube

A cube of living code claimed from the Vex domain.

Mithrax sat on a carpet in his meager quarters, held the Paradrome Cube in his hand, and concentrated.

Hours passed before Eido, concerned, sat beside him. She touched his arm.

"What do you see?" she whispered.

He saw the Endless Night split open. He saw fluid falling like white rain on the City. Massive Minotaurs rising from the shallow seas. He saw the gunfire of the Guardians in the Tower, but it did not reflect on the rippling liquid, and he dismissed the vision.

A hundred more illusions took its place, then a thousand, then a thousand lifetimes' worth:

—a shape frozen inside a crystal prison a towering figure in white recognition flooding bloodshot eyes a city of voices speaking at once shadow taking form the realization they had always been watched tears on metal—

A choice, and its consequences.

"Lies," he answered plainly.


Category: Mithrax

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