A question for myself; how necessary is the entirety of humanity to bring about a new Golden Age? Were Humans the part that made the original one successful, or was it the Traveler?

My research shows that numerous other species benefited from the Traveler's presence. Yet in the years following the Collapse, humanity has lacked the ambition to reclaim what was lost. So did other species, of course, but human tenacity is our species' primary strength. Why not us? My hypothesis is that it is a true technological leap that hinders us. Perhaps when humanity sees what can be accomplished using a force that can reshape the planet itself, they will feel secure enough to turn to science once again. Naturally, few are capable of positive contribution to this work, but that will be manageable. We don't need a chorus to form a quartet. People of science, vigorous study, those are the future humanity needs.

There are individuals that would meet the qualifications, of course, and those who possess unique brilliance that is impossible to duplicate. What ease can we provide those careful few? How to best shape their world from the inside out?

These are problems my Vex can alleviate. Why take risks with AI when a more straightforward force may be utilized to facilitate a civilization's rise? Related… research with my ally has proven the path forward. Radiolaria remains easiest; its individual minds are simply so small, although they are multitudinous their connections make it simple. Other larger, more complex minds prove difficult for the time being… But I am not unfamiliar with the rigor of practice. I will delight in trial and error.

Perhaps I've answered my question. The entirety is never necessary. The individuals that matter always are.


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