Rapacious Appetite

Hunt, feed, hunt again.

To: Vanguard High Command
Incident Report Source: Scout Patrol 919
Report: Kraken Mare, Exterior Shelf Shallows—High Priority-0174
Target: J4W-S, Aberrant Houseless Servitor, Wrathborn
Threat Type: Ambusher, supported by hostile Warband(s), Engage with Extreme Caution
Noted Casualties: 8, not all incidents recorded.
Known Armaments: Servitor Eye Projector, Material Denial Shield, Displacement Thresher, Kinetic Impact.

Incident Report-309: Servitor J4W-S was spotted in the southern ridge of Kraken Mare. Dive Tactical was notified, and fireteams were pulled from the area. Upon retreat, one fireteam was ambushed by a Hive warband. J4W-S then dove from above, and crashed into the fireteam, using its body as a kinetic driver. One fireteam member was killed on impact, and their Ghost was captured. Both remaining Guardians were able to escape after a prolonged exchange of fire.

RE: Recovery teams dispatched.

Recovery Incident Report-317: Dive Tactical and accompanying fireteams prepared an ambush and engaged J4W-S outside of Delta Sector. When caught in the crossfire, J4W-S initially fled the battle under the cover of Taken forces, only to harry the fireteams with guerrilla attacks from the surrounding methane sea. Note this Wrathborn Servitor retains the use of their displacement thresher and has begun using it to pick up and drop fireteam members into the methane sea's open depths, outside the safety of the coral shelves. The thin density of the liquid makes survival without independent propulsion unlikely and recovering remains for Ghost resurrection difficult. Dive Tactical is advised not to engage J4W-S near shelf drops or cliff faces in the future.

RE: J4W-S has been confirmed to have been converted to a Wrathborn Servitor. This would explain its aggression and predatory behaviors. Following notable operator losses, Dive Tactical has erected radar buoys to detect ambushes in what have come to be known as the Servitor's hunting grounds.