Resonant Fury Bond

I reach for nothing. I am subdued. I shall remain useless.

Tell me, O Witness mine—does the Light that fills this once dreadfully tiresome space blind you from its newfound glory?

You expected the same old correspondence from your dragooned errand boy, no doubt. Surely, just as you expected your machinations within my throne world to continue unfettered until your definition of eternity came to pass.

Well, don't I have some unfortunate news for you then. But this comes as no surprise, of that I'm sure—you're always watching.

Let me share my perspective then, which you must be waiting for with bated breath: my acquisition of the Light itself is delightful proof of an existence higher even than yours—a sort of karmic wit, if you will.

Though I remember not all the eons-long hardships I endured at your whim, the nefarious sentiment lingers within my mind, overcome only by the pleasure of your assured discontent.

It was this said pleasure that gave me the strength to disperse the Light throughout this prison you called my home. Since it is now to remain my domain, it has been decorated to reflect as such.

No longer does this plane live only with the lackluster ambiance of Darkness. It is brighter now. My truth can finally thrive.

No longer do the walls that birthed our parasitic chains house your machinations. The tools and parasites within, shattered.

And no longer does your Subjugator subjugate. He lies ensnared within his obtrusive eyesore, for upon Rhulk's attempt to subdue me with that toy he's annoyingly always on about—his "Upended"—I was able to counteract it, showing firsthand the power bequeathed to me in my new state. Now, the once-great Pyramid lies fractured, a sight you will become familiar with.

So try and send your Scorn, or your Disciples, or even bring your many selves to reclaim your loss, if you must. But this is my domain now. And you shall never set foot inside it, even if I must draw my final breath to keep it that way.

Resonant Fury Boots

Category: Resonant Fury Suit (Warlock)