Solstice Mark (Resplendent)

Birds fly in formation so they do not lose their way.

"Anokai Tai, checking in."

The Titan listened for a response as he throttled the Wayfarer Z over the rubble of a collapsed building and onto what had once been a busy road. He watched for activity. Nothing yet.

"Tai, we see you," the voice on the radio came back. "About twelve klicks to the rendezvous point."

The Titan accelerated, staying low. He was picking up a pair of Guardians—two more just like him who had been passing information to an offworld ship when their vehicle was destroyed. Just a few weeks ago, he would have scoffed at putting three people on a Sparrow. Now pickups like this were almost normal.

A large Legion ship—he didn't know what kind—lay strewn across his path. He pulled back on the stick to rise over the wreck, but something within the Sparrow sputtered.

A second later, that something caught fire.

No no—

The Sparrow slammed down onto the cratered road. Plasma bolts flew past Tai. Ambush.

Tai leapt off the Wayfarer Z and ducked behind it, firing as a platoon of Red Legion emerged from the wreck. He managed to get two before the Sparrow exploded.

Solstice Greaves (Resplendent)

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