Spirit of the Warmind

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  • Spirit of the Warmind

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  • The weight of the world.


  • "The Warmind is a machine."
  • Even through a holoprojector, Caiatl's voice echoes with authority. Zavala can't tell if she's asking a question or making a statement.
  • "Yes," Zavala replies as he rises from his desk to look out over the Last City. "And?"
  • "And you entrust it with the command of vast military resources," the empress continues. "Orbital artillery. An arsenal of highly advanced ordnance. Coordination of gunship deployments and forward operating bases."
  • "That is what Rasputin was designed to do."
  • "Some things cannot be designed." Caiatl lowers her eyes. "A warrior's spirit is forged by more than strategy and intelligence. One must bleed before spilling another's blood. A true warrior knows that victory comes at a cost, and how much is lost in defeat."
  • She raises her eyes to Zavala again. "Do you believe your Warmind can understand such things?"
  • "I do," he replies, to his own surprise. He turns away from the window to face the holoprojector. "I didn't always trust Rasputin. I used to think we were all numbers in his ledger, nothing more than a cold calculation."
  • Zavala leans against his desk, his eyes sweeping across the myriad scouting reports and communiques littering its surface. "But now… I see the enormity of his task. The weight of ensuring humanity's survival. The losses he's suffered himself…"
  • Caiatl tilts her head. "You see a kindred spirit."
  • "I see an old warrior doing his best," Zavala admits quietly. "And that will always earn my trust."