The Bluejay

One, two, three! Eyes on me, niños!

It's Thursday, and you know what that means! That's right—it is Cloud Strider Day! What do the Cloud Striders do? Right again! They keep us all safe. And how do we tell them "Thank you?" By remembering them!

Today, we will learn about Bluejay. The blue jay is a very clever bird. You might have seen one in the parklands. Some can even talk! The Cloud Strider who picked Bluejay as his call sign was very clever.

Many Cloud Striders are soldiers or engineers, but Bluejay was a game designer. Do you know what a game designer is, children?

That's right! A game designer makes vidgames! Maybe you have played a vidgame with your parents in the CloudArk. Bluejay was the very first person to make a vidgame in the CloudArk! Before that, we did not know it was a whole world. We could not use it to make art or visit friends. We just put things in it to save them for later, like the closet. And the closet seems scary at first, doesn't it, niños? But if you are brave, you can find lots of fun things inside!

So Bluejay helped us expand how we use the CloudArk—he made it a place we could play or even live, if we needed to. And when he made his game in there, he also learned that the Vex used the CloudArk, too. They could not get in, but the CloudArk was so strong they could use it to do their work for them even from outside, using the force of the Veil to turn their own machines, like when the wind turns a turbine.

Bluejay learned he could jump from the CloudArk to the Vex network, and he sabotaged their machines from the inside. The Vex were very confident and did not think he could find them, so they were careless. And so Bluejay scared them, and they ran away! And what we learned is that being careless with the CloudArk is dangerous, isn't it? That's why you always close your open ports and keep your passcode secret, because the Vex remember being scared, and they'll frighten you to get us back.

That's all for today, niños. Three, two, one! Now, have fun! And remember: Thank you, Cloud Striders!

—Carlita Capybara, Capybara Corner, s44, ep23

Laminak Li

Category: Book: Cloud Strider Legacies

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