The Drowned Captain – 1

Phyzann of House Dusk, loyal to Craask, Kell of Kings, slayer of Lightbearers and Cabal, lay silently beneath the dark waters.

The dull eyes of Cabal Legionaries peered thoughtlessly into the darkness, as they slogged through the water like livestock.

And when Phyzann rose up, blades gleaming in all four hands, roaring with the might of House Dusk, the Cabal cried out in their cruel and blundering tongue, their mouths fetid with fear, and they were slain.

From that day on, Phyzann of House Dusk had earned a new accolade among the Eliksni. He was henceforth known as the Drowned Captain.

Tarnished Mettle

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The Drowned Captain – 4

Category: Book: Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 2

The Drowned Captain – 2