The Golden Age

The Traveler changed everything. It reshaped our solar system as decisively as it shattered our scientific and philosophical frameworks. To our ancestors it must have been a hammerblow—a glimpse beyond the horizon of expected possibility.

The Traveler kindled the Golden Age. But we built it. We remember this with pride, even after so much else has been lost.

Today, Cryptarchs and scholars work to distill the legends of the Golden Age into truth. We know now that Humans lived longer, flew further, and learned faster. We know that countless ancient diseases and hatreds were extinguished forever. Human aspiration gave birth to vast engineering projects, sweeping social movements, and even new forms of life.

The Golden Age was not without challenges. But humanity and its machine children tackled these problems with pride, vigor, and a contagious sense of pluralist compassion.

Category: Book: Sol, A History

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