Post-Lore Panel, 2019

We met up with some of the most prominent people in the world of Destiny lore to answer questions submitted by the community.

We came incredibly close to answering all 110 questions.

Featuring such big names as:

Also special thanks to:

  • Mal027 for loaning us his amazing hotel room. Was like a penthouse suite or something.
  • AnonPig for helping to organise the lore panel even though he wasn't on it because he's a great guy
  • Similar for Ryno-666 except he also made some really cool knives
  • Also Unisys12, erin, Jazzy and waferbaby for helping us pick the best questions

Ok that's everything that I can think of saying, SMASH THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON, we pump out videos like this at LEAST once a year.