Brother Vance — Evacuation: Mercury

Brother Vance recognizes your footsteps and brightens as you enter his sanctum.

"I believe I could refine traces of Osiris," he says with hushed excitement, "to allow one entrance to the Infinite Forest. There was a time I could not contemplate such an honor."

"Quantum cracks yawn in the Forest where echoes of Vex, Hive, Cabal, and Osiris swirl in a gyre. Strike these stress points, and I could seal the Forest from within."

You notice Vance's hands are balled tightly at his sides.

"The Pyramids draw close. Through this system and beyond, the Lightless are filled with fear. I am no Osiris, true, but in my small way, I will bring light to their darkness."

There is clarity in his voice. "I will tell them they must believe."