Eva Levante — A Glowing Solstice

Eva makes a playful show of shielding her eyes from your glowing armor.

"I must say, isn't this a bit much? What if you were to start a fire?"

She grins as she lowers her arm and applauds you.

"It may seem like a silly thing, to place such importance on a show of light and heat. But I assure you, there is little silliness about it."

Eva turns her eyes to a nearby Solstice banner, emblazoned with a golden sun.

"Every sun sets. Every fire burns out. But if we hold their warmth in our hearts, if we keep hope alive, then eventually the sun rises again. A new fire springs to life, from the ashes of the old. Just like the phoenix."

She turns to you with a smile as bright as your armor.

"And seeing you glow? That reminds us that warmth—that hope—is still alive and well. Thank you, Guardian. And have a Happy Solstice."