Eva Levante — Celebrating Solstice

"Happy Solstice, Guardian!"

Eva beams as you approach, gesturing to the verdant splendor that now decorates the Courtyard.

"It brings me such happiness to see life thriving in the Tower. If we focus only on what we've lost, we can easily lose sight of the hope and beauty that surrounds us."

She folds her hands in front of her and gives you a kind smile.

"Have you heard the legend of the phoenix? A mythical bird from pre-Golden Age folktales, it was said that it would burn within its own flames and rise anew from the ashes."

"That is the spirit of Solstice. Not one of sorrow, but of joy at the chance for renewal."

Reaching for the table next to her, Eva picks up a neatly wrapped package and hands it to you.

"May this gift remind you that, just like the phoenix, a bright future rises from the ashes of the past. Now go out there and celebrate all that life has to offer!"