Osiris — A Disturbance on Mercury

You find Osiris in the center of a grand structure. He explains that, after you defeated the Undying Mind, he experienced a dire vision of the future. In this new future, he saw an expanse of nothingness so vast that it terrified him.

When he emerged from the Forest, burdened with this new revelation, he found that the Red Legion had stolen one of his old experiments: the Sundial. Co-opting the Sundial for their own purposes, the Red Legion fractured time on Mercury in hopes of changing the past.

Osiris wants your help repairing Mercury's timeline. He asks that you go to the Tangled Shore to find another of his inventions: an obelisk—one of many across the system—designed to stabilize time while the Sundial is active. Attuning the obelisk and linking it to the Sundial will help you contain the temporal disturbances on Mercury.