Spider — A Smiling Mask

"Ah, my dear associate," Spider says with a laugh. "You must be here about that favor I asked. I'll cut to the chase: some years ago, the House of Kings had a rather auspicious salvaging operation out in the rings of Saturn. The crew ran afoul of the Vex on their way back and they disappeared—along with their cargo.

"Rumor has it that the Vex hauled it to one of their simulations—the Haunted Forest. My proposition is simple: I give you the coordinates, you hunt down the caches, and we split the difference.

"Just one catch. The caches were all locked with adaptive ciphers from the House of Kings, so you'll need to scrounge up some decoders around the system to unlock the caches.

"I'm sure someone will be willing to part with them… one way or another. Maybe, if you find everything, I'll have a little something extra in it for you. To sweeten the pot."