Splicer Servitor — Beneath the Great Machine

An alert sounds from the Servitor as you approach. On a small viewscreen, a wireframe image of a cube appears. An access port slides open and the cube changes to a single word:


You take the cube of living code you claimed from the Vex on Europa and hold it in your palm. Its corners and edges move, reforming endlessly in your hand. You place it into the Servitor.

The Servitor scans the cube with a field of soft light for several moments, then emits a chime and the text changes:


A pictogram suggests that the cube is somehow still connected to the Vex Nexus. Mithrax will be able to study its secrets, and just by holding it, you are able to access certain permissions from the deep Vex networks.

The readout changes once more:


You nod as you claim the Paradrome Cube.