Key to the Truth

• Defeat Vex and Fallen on Europa for their residual Darkness energy. • Use Stasis abilities against combatants on Europa.

"In Clovis's research, he discovered traces of Darkness energy in every one of his subjects. Humans, Vex, even animals. We know now Darkness truly does reside within us all. Further decrypting Clovis's journal has pinpointed our next decryption algorithm, but to get there, we must begin by empowering the Skeleton Key with Darkness." —The Exo Stranger

The Skeleton Key needs to be empowered again, this time with Darkness residual energy from our foes. The Exo Stranger believes Darkness exists in every living being in some form, and the energy can be collected. She then implores you to continue honing your Stasis skills, which will also contribute the needed energy for the Skeleton Key.

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Legendary Quest Step
Added In
Beyond Light (2020.11.10)