Key to the Truth

Defeat combatants on Europa using Stasis abilities.

"With our journal decrypted, we know where the final bit of Stasis research is. Like I said, with the man himself. But before we reach the AI, the key will need to be empowered one last time. The journal implies the key should unlock something within the AI, and that we'll find what we're looking for in doing so. Start by using Stasis to empower the Skeleton Key with Darkness. We'll go from there." —The Exo Stranger

You're ready to empower the Skeleton Key for the last time, but this time, with as much Darkness energy as possible. The Exo Stranger implores you once again to take this opportunity to embrace Stasis to do so, claiming it to be the best way to empower the key.

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Legendary Quest Step
Added In
Beyond Light (2020.11.10)