Quarterly Lore Review

  • 3 episodes
  • From 2019.09.08 to 2020.02.23

2020.02.23 — Quarterly Lore Review, 2020 Q1

Join The Lore Network as we answer your questions about Season of Dawn.

2019.11.17 — Quarterly Lore Review, 2019 Q4

Join MyNameIsByf, Focused Fire Chat, Loose Canon, Guardians of Lore and the Ishtar Collective as we answer community questions following the launch of Shadowkeep.

2019.09.08 — Quarterly Lore Review — Introduction

The Lore Network introduces Quarterly Lore Review. Join MyNameIsByf, Myelin Games, Focused Fire Chat, Loose Canon and the Ishtar Collective as we answer questions from the community.