A Rising Tide

Meridian Bay, Mars

Ghost: The Vex are taking control of the surface to protect the Black Garden. Mars could soon be worse than Venus. We've got to find out where they're coming from.

Guardian lands in the Barrens

Ghost: We need to track down a Conflux, like we saw on Venus. There's reports of one not too far from here.

Ghost: Once we find out where the Vex are coming from, cut them off, or it's only a matter of time before Mars becomes one of their machines.

Guardian finds Conflux in Scablands

Ghost: There's the Conflux!

Guardian is ambushed by Vex

Vex terminated

Ghost scans Conflux

Ghost: This is part of an even bigger surge, coming from below the Buried City. We better check it out.

Guardian travels down to the Buried City, clearing the surrounding Vex.

Guardian proceeds through the entrance of Off World Transit M Line, and deep into Freehold Station

Ghost: Looks like it's going to be dark in here for a while. Just aim for any red eye you see.

Guardian, in near darkness, is immediately surrounded by teleporting Vex.

Cyclops terminated

Guardian enters Tharsis Junction

Ghost: They have Transfer Gates down here. Shut them down!

The Vex bleed from transfer gates, the guardian makes an assault on the gates.

Ghost: More gates up ahead.

Guardian makes an assault on the Vex stronghold, destroying all remaining Transfer Gates**.

Ghost: That should slow them down.

A Conflux is still active. Let me check it out.

Ghost scans the Conflux

Ghost: This isn't an invasion, the Vex are returning home. Something is calling them back to the Black Garden.

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