Adventure: Deathless

The Rig, Titan

Sloane: Good, it's you. I'm getting reports from Holliday's crews about a Knight with a strange aura around it. It's playing merry hell with our schedule.

Holliday: My crews know how to get'er done, Sloane. Regular maintenance is the difference between a Sparrow that races and a Sparrow that rusts.

Sloane: Sure. But this rig isn't winning any races. That Knight is in my way. Take it out.

Solarium, Titan

The Guardian finds Takul-Dar, the Unbreakable Hive Knight being protected by a Necromantis Wizard.

Ghost: We took out the Knight. But, I'm not sure its dead. Some kind of magic allowed it to escape.

Sloane: New Hive spells. Just what we need. Get after it you two.

The Guardian finds Takul-Dar, the Unbreakable Hive Knight again, protected by another Necromantis Wizard.

Ghost: This is just irritating. Now I know how the Cabal feel about us.

Sloane: I'm not in the mood for this. Keep after him. Their spell can't keep that thing safe forever.

The Guardian kills Takul-Dar, the Unbreakable, but he escapes again.

Ghost: Ugh. What do we have to do to kill this thing?

The Guardian chases after the Knight deeper into the Arcology

Sloane: I've been fighting Hive for — well — longer than I want to admit. This is some kind of ritual.

Holliday: They're losing on purpose? Like — what — throwing a hand of poker?

Sloane: Maybe. What's their goal, though? Why let this thing die over and over again?

Festering Halls, Titan

The Guardian finds the knight again, this time protected by two Necromantis Wizards.

Ghost: Alright, that's three. Sloane, you want us to keep going?

Sloane: If this is a ritual, then all of this is leading somewhere. I want the two of you there at the end, whatever that looks like.

The Guardian fights their way through more Hive infested tunnels. Ghost has to unlock some Hive runes.

Ghost: Alright. One more time.

The Guardian kills two more Necromantis Wizards, stripping Takul-Dar, the Unbreakable of its shield, and then killing him.

Ghost: You were right, Sloane. Apply enough firepower and apparently even Hive magic breaks.

Sloane: Good work, both of you. You know, Holliday and I were just talking about how different we are from the Hive.

Holliday: Yeah, yeah. They worship death, we serve the Light. Good vs. evil, black hats, white hats… really makes you think.

Ghost: Thinking about switching sides, Amanda?

Sloane: Oh, no. Amanda goes rogue and we'll have Thrall buzzing the control center inside a week. Ahem. But, uh, let's get back to work.

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