Adventure: Hack the Planet

Hallows, Nessus

Ghost: Hey, team. I know how we can hook Failsafe up to the Nessus core and mine all the data we could ever want. Just help me place these beacons and I'll explain!

The Guardian deploys the first beacon.

Ghost: These beacons should allow us to hook Failsafe into the Nessus core. Think of all the data she could pull!

Failsafe: It is a proactive and clever plan, friendly Ghost! I still think its a bad idea.

The Guardian deploys the second beacon.

Ghost: This will work, trust me! You know how I usually hack and scan stuff for us?

Failsafe: I do!

Ghost: This one's all you.

Failsafe: How fun.

The Guardian deploys the final beacon and goes to unlock the Nessus Core.

Watchers Grave

Ghost: The core is open! Get ready, Failsafe!

Failsafe: I am practising my best Vex impressions. Please do not let them capture me, Captain!

Ghost: Just treat it like tight-rope walking. Don't think about it.

Failsafe: You're not helping.

The Guardian approaches the jump rings.

Ghost: You can do this, Failsafe. I believe in you!

Failsafe: If they kill me, I will haunt your shell.

Ghost: Haha… heh.

The Guardian connects Failsafe to the core of Nessus.

Failsafe: I have interfaced with the Nessus core!

Ghost: See? Easy! Grab everything that's not nailed down!

Failsafe: The Vex are attempting to impede my progress. There should be a conflux nearby. Please stabilise it for me.

The Guardian stabilises the conflux.

Failsafe: Thank you, Captain! Now eliminate those data cubes. They contain security protocols that are blocking my progress.

Ghost: You're a pro! I knew this could work.

The Guardian destroys five data cubes.

Failsafe: The Vex are fighting back. I have marked other Confluxes for stabilisation. Destroy the cubes they generate!

The Guardian stabilises the other confluxes and destroys the data cubes just before a Network Minotaur appears.

Ghost: Failsafe! The Vex have sent a Mind after us! Failsafe? Any updates?


Ghost: OK. So. She's been captured by the Vex. Ugh. I'm so sorry, I can fix this! Get me the data core from that Mind!

The Guardian retrieves the Vex Mind Core from the Network Minotaur and heads through a Vex Teleporter.

Chamber of Water, Nessus.

Ghost: Failsafe's gotta be in here somewhere. Help me get rid of the interference from these Confluxes, and I should be able to lock onto her position.

The Guardian destroys the data cubes and stabilises the confluxes.

Ghost: Got her! They've locked her in a cube construct. Take out the Vex, and we'll free her. I hope it's not too late.

The Guardian uses data cubes to destroy a Network Cyclops guarding Failsafe.

Failsafe: Thank you, Captain. I have spent the last decade speaking with a fellow prisoner.

Ghost: A decade? It didn't take us that long!

Failsafe: Time must work differently within the Network. He was a very good listener. It's a shame I couldn't take him with me. He showed my a myriad of potentialities for this galaxy. How the Vex intend to shape them. I will share them with your Vanguard.

Ghost: I'm so sorry I put you through that.

Failsafe: But you did! And I never forget those who wrong me.

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