Adventure: Siren Song

The Rig, Titan

Sloane: Guardian, we're reading some odd fluctuations in our scans.

Holliday: Gravity waves. Small for now, but amp 'em up and they'll rip us apart.

Sloane: I've got three locations where the waves are strongest. Sending you coordinates.

Ghost scans the gravity waves at the first location.

Ghost: I don't see anything, Sloane. But I - did you hear that?

Sloane: What are you picking up?

Ghost: It's gone. Maybe I'm imagining things. We'll check your other coordinates.

Holliday: Do it quick. I don't like what I'm seeing.

Ghost scans the gravity waves at the second location.

Holliday: Not to rush ya, but these waves are growin' fast.

Sloane: Get over there, and we should be able to track those gravity waves back to their source.

Ghost scans the gravity waves at the third location.

Ghost: Sloane, you have to hear this.

Sloane: Oh, I hear it. Amanda's grabbed your data and is mapping the source now.

Holliday: Sources. Three of 'em. Go shut 'em down!

Solarium, Titan

Ghost: Sloane, it's a ritual, a big one. They really ARE going to shake this Arcology to pieces.

Sloane: Then let's do the same to them.

The Guardian destroys the Hive shrine and the Hierarch Wizard.

Arboretum, Titan

The Guardian heads further into the Arcology. They find another Hive shrine and destroy it, then defeat another Hierarch Wizard. The Guardian continues deeper into the Arcology and finds a third Hive shrine.

Ghost: We tear this altar down, we stop that horrible noise.

Sloane: The sooner the better. We're hearing that sound on all sensors now. Feeling it, too.

The Guardian destroys the shrine and the Ritual Hierarch, a wizard.

Ghost: Hey, team! We've torn down the altars.

Holliday: Then we got a problem. Those must have been transmitters, not the source. Ritual's still going. We're jittering up, down, and sideways over here.

Sloane: I feel… sick.

Holliday: Keep it together, girl.

The Guardians heads further into the Arcology. They enter a room with a huge crystal.

Ghost: Sloane, there's a giant crystal in here. It's… SINGING.

Sloane: Neutralize it!

The Guardian defeats the Hive. A knight, Nalcthor, the Crystalline, appears.

Ghost: That Knight, he's singing like the crystal. Are they… drawing power from each other?

The Guardian defeats Nalcthor, the Crystalline.

Sloane: We're stable again. Whatever you did, it worked. My… stomach thanks you.

Holliday: Got a wild idea. How 'bout you send me that rock for analysis? Whaddaya say?

Ghost: One big glowy rock, coming right up.

The Guardian plants a transmat beacon and Holliday transmats it elsewhere.

Holliday: You're a beaut, aren't you? Oh, the tests I'm going to run on you. I wonder how many pistons you can power. Sparrow thrusters, obviously, but what about warp drives, or…?

Sloane: I'm sure I'm going to hear all about what Amanda will use that for. What were the Hive doing with it?

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