Adventure: Supply and Demand

Trostland, European Dead Zone

Holliday: Hey, long time no see, you two! Dev, you didn't tell me she was in town.

Devrim: Ms. Holliday and I have been re-appropriating supplies from the Cabal. She's keeping a low profile at the moment.

Holliday: You tag the boxes, I'll fly 'em out. Can't wait.

The Guardian finds a small supply cache.

Holliday: Figures those four-armed bandits would try to beat us to it. Don't let 'em!

The Guardian transmats a cache.

Ghost: Well, I guess one crate is better than zero. Transmatted your way, Amanda.

Devrim: Not so fast. I'm sending you coordinates a short ways from your position.

Amanda: I've got a fix on it, too. I'll head over that way. Last one to the courtyard's a Dreg-face.

Devrim: How colorful.

Maevic Square

Ghost: We're here. And we've got company

Holliday: Red-bellies dug in and set up a whole bunch o' turrets. Clear 'em out, would you?

The Guardian destroys the turrets and defeats the Cabal and Fallen.

Holliday: Do me a favour and plop down a beacon, would ya?

The Guardian plants a landing beacon.

Holliday: Signal's green. Here I come.

Devrim: Those supplies should keep the Farm up and running for a while. Another job well done.

Holliday transmats the supplies.

Holliday: Hang on a sec. Dev, you seeing what I see?

Devrim: Indeed. Another cache of supplies. But these are a bit familiar, aren't they?

Holliday: Those toothy-faced Ether-chuggers. They took our stuff!

Ghost: So the Fallen stole from us, before we stole what they stole from the Red Legion?

Devrim: All's fair in love and war, I suppose.

The Guardian finds the Farm supplies.

Devrim: Secure that cache, and Ms. Holliday will be by in two shakes.

Holliday: No can do, Dev. Could be a hundred Fallen hidin' out in those buildings. I'll wait for the all-clear.

The Guardian transmats the supplies.

Ghost: Not all clear. Definitely not all clear.

Holliday: Too hot for me to help out.

Devrim: I don't have line of sight, either. You're on you own, you two. Be brave, as they say.

The Guardian defends the supplies from the Fallen and defeats S.A.B.E.R.-06.

Holliday: Sky looks clear. I'm headed your way to pick up the goods. The Farm'll really appreciate it. Heckuva job, you two.

Devrim: Quite. Now, do me a favour and see if there's any tea still intact?

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