Adventure: Unbreakable

Artefact's Edge, Nessus

Failsafe: Captain. Vex in your patrol area have upgraded their barrier technology to be impenetrable using a new, unidentified energy source. Nearby constructs should have the data we need to locate a sample of this technology.

Ghost: Unbreakable shields sounds bad. Let's take 'em apart!

The Guardian collects several Vex data cores.

Ghost: I skimmed the cores. There's a weird energy spike nearby that might be what we're looking for.

Failsafe: I would be happy to analyze any samples you obtain. I need a life. Someone get me off this rock.

The Guardian finds the energy spike.

Ghost: We've got the spike, but there's a Minotaur here using those fancy shields.

Failsafe: The captain always finds a way!

The Guardian kills the Empowered Minotaur.

Failsafe: I detect additional spikes nearby. We should collect them for analysis. Perhaps we can discover how they are producing it. And then blow 'em up.

The Tangle, Nessus

Failsafe: Captain. Additional energy pools overhead.

The Guardian collects energy fonts for Failsafe.

Failsafe: This is superb data. I have located one final set of fonts for you to collect.

Ghost: Failsafe, this is turning into kind of a long walk.

Failsafe: Hey! At least you can walk. I live in a dilapidated boat.

The Guardian collects a large energy font and kills an Empowered Minotaur.

Failsafe: I've traced the samples to one source and have pushed its coordinates to your tracker. I do not believe the Vex will want to give up their "fancy shields". You're gonna have to make them.

Well of Echoes, Nessus

The Guardian overloads the shield generators and destroys the Vex energy device by standing in Vex energy fonts and killing Empowered Minotaurs who drop arc charges.

Ghost: Failsafe, we can report those shields won't be a problem anymore. Nice catch.

Failsafe: The Vex Collective is reporting the same thing. Hopefully they do not possess the resources to do this twice.

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