Dark Monastery (Loop 6)

Rheasilvia, The Dreaming City

Awoken Corsair: I lucked out, you know. I get to come up here every three weeks and just… hang out. I know that nothing's going to happen to me. And when you leave for the monastery, I watch you through my scope. I tell myself that if something happened, I'd be able to do something. Take a shot. But I can't do anything; I can't protect you. I can't help you or anyone else. I have to stay here, doing nothing. Makes me sick.

The Guardian heads towards the monastery. They defeat the Scorn which they encounter, including Drekaa, Warmonger Chieftain, as well as the Taken, including Agra, the Stalwart.

Harbinger's Seclude, The Dreaming City

The Guardian defeats the Scorn which they encounter, including Kruvil, Subversive Chieftain and heads further into the monastery. The Guardian defeats the Taken which they encounter including Teksis, Ascendant Sentinel, Om Air, Ascendant Sentinel, and Yamaat, Ascendant Sentinel. The Guardian heads further into the monastery. Val Belyx, Gauntlet of Incaru appears. The Guardian defeats Val Belyx, Gauntlet of Incaru.

Ghost: In we go.

A portal appears. The Guardian goes through it.

Ascendant Plane

The Guardian finds the ritual site and defeats two Priests of Incaru. The Guardian destroys the crystal which was near the Priests of Incaru. A number of Taken suddenly appear.


Ghost: Let's go.

The Guardian runs back to the portal and goes through it, escaping the Ascendant Plane.

Harbinger's Seclude, The Dreaming City

Ghost: Great work. Transferring video now.

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