Exclusion Zone

The Barrens

Meridian Bay, Mars

Ghost: These coordinates put the Gate to the Black Garden near the lost City of Freehold. It's been buried in the sands since the Collapse. Now, the Cabal occupy the area, and most of Mars. No one gets through their Exclusion Zone.

Guardian lands in the Barrens

Ghost: Great. The Gate to the Black Garden is miles from here and the Cabal got a lock on Orbital communication. If you want your Sparrow, we're going to have to break into one of their bunkers and disable the system.

Ghost: Here's what I have on the Cabal: 800 pounds and highly militarized. They blow up planets and moons just for getting in their way. Just so you know what we're dealing with.

Ghost: They're inside. My Advice, we avoid engagement until we understand them better.

Ghost hacks into bunker

Ghost: Hmmm, easier than I thought.

Scanning for something linked to their orbital grids.

That one.

Ghost hacks system

Ghost: Access key? I don't need an access key. DOS is more complicated.

Oh. I think I initiated a failsafe.

Cabal engage assault on bunker

Ghost: I guess that was their failsafe.

Vehicle link enabled

Ghost: Sparrow is accessible. Let's head toward the gate.

The Cabal appear to be at war with the Vex here. Maybe they know something about the Gate.

There's a few outposts nearby. Let's check them out.

You want to get in the middle of this, that's your call.

An outpost should be up ahead. I can dig into their systems and see what I can find about the Gate.

Look for something I can access.

Guardian makes an attack on Cabal

Ghost hacks system

Ghost: Alright, find out who's in charge and take their key!

Cabal ambush Guardian

Guardian kills Bracus Tho'ourg

Ghost: There's another Cabal Post right near the Gate. Let's hope this key works.

Guardian approaches the Gate

Ghost: That's the Gate! We won't get in until we wake the Gate Lord's Eye.

Guardian approaches outpost

Ghost: Let's see what they know about the Gate!

Ghost scans the system

Ghost: Impressive. The Cabal managed to penetrate the Vex cognition mesh.

There's a lot here. I'm not sure they even understand what the Gate is. But if we're going to wake the Gate Lord's eye and get into the Black Garden, looks like we're going to have to go through the Cabal.

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